Hello, this is a video tutorial on how to upgrade your account . Watch this video or follow the instructions below:

1.- In the main page, click on “Buy now”.

2.- Select your plan and click on “I want this”. Then follow the steps showed in the screen to purchase your “Activation Key”

3.- You will receive an email from us with your “Activation Key”. Make sure to check both Inbox and Junk folders to make sure you got it. Please wait from 1-5 minutes to receive your key, if you don’t get anything, please contact the support with your Order ID.

4.- Head over to SPOTIFY.GG and click on “Upgrade Now”

5.- Scroll down until you see this menu, then fill in the information with your details.

Spotify Email: Write your Spotify accounts Email.

Purchase Key: Write down the “Activation Key” that you received in your email.

Country of Spotify Account: Select the Country of your Spotify Account. It must match the country where you created your Spotify account.

Now click on "Upgrade Now" and you will now see the following screen, MAKE SURE TO SAVE THE ADDRESS INFORMATION BEFORE GOING INTO THE NEXT STEP.

Make sure you are logged in on your Spotify account and open the link in a new tab. 

You will see a window like this, click on “Accept Invite”

Verify your identity:


Enter the address that was given to you by the website and select it from the list.

That's all, your account is PREMIUM!